Welcome to Advanced Endodontics, the trusted endodontic resource of dental professionals throughout southeast Michigan. This family-owned practice has served the community with expertise and kindness for more than 70 years.

General Dentists, Periodontists, Oral surgeons, and Pedodontists rely on, and refer their patients to, Dr. Brad Hirschman and the Advanced Endodontics team for warm and expert root canals and other services. They know that their patients are well taken care of at this practice known for its extensive expertise, advanced technology and kind patient care that has longevity in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Creating Relationships One Doctor at a Time

As a referring dentist, be assured that we will professionally serve your patients with expertise and warmth, and bring forth successful results. Meet Dr. Brad, and you will appreciate his honest, warm, and laid-back personality.

Know that Advanced Endodontics will handle your patients with great care. Dr. Brad’s conservative approach and high level of care in carefully diagnosing each situation and conducting the right procedures brings successful results and happy patients.

Utilizing the Latest Technology to Serve Your Patients

As one of Oakland County’s leaders offering the advanced technology of Cone Beam CT, Advanced Endodontics invites you to an up-close and personal look at how this new technology serves your patients with excellence.

Advanced Endodontics also integrates a variety of other advanced technology into the practice to best serve your patients.

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