As a family owned and operated practice since 1939, we have committed ourselves to excellence and the well being of others. Beginning with Harold Maxman in 1939, one of the original pioneers of Endodontics, to his nephew Louis Hirschman in 1969 and then his son, Brad Hirschman in 2002, we consistently strive to provide our patients with the finest endodontic care available. Originally based in Southfield Michigan in 1962, Dr. Maxman and Dr. Louis Hirschman moved the practice to Huntington Woods Michigan in 1979 where Dr. Louis Hirschman became a solo practioner for over 25 years. With the joining of Dr. Brad Hirschman in 2002 to the practice, a new office was erected and opened in Novi Michigan in 2002. With the opening of the newest office in Novi, the practice than became Advanced Endodontics.

In 2009 the Huntington Woods office was closed in order to focus all efforts into a single location. A little over one year later, in late 2010, Dr. Louis Hirschman retired, leaving Advanced Endodontics to once again become a single practioner office with Dr. Brad Hirsman at its helm.