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Advanced Endodontics gets heroic to save patients’ teeth. Sometimes, a tooth thought to require extracting may be, in reality, one that we can repair and treat when it is perforated or has recurring infections.

Following, are the endodontic services that Advanced Endodontics conducts:


We acquire a thorough medical and dental history from your patient and conduct extra-oral, intra-oral and a radiographic exam.

Extra-oral exams

We often palpate extra-orally for swelling and other abnormalities such as:

  • tender areas to palpation
  • deviation upon opening
  • facial asymmetry
  • facial tenderness
  • and enlarged lymph nodes.

Intra-oral exams

We look for swelling, sinus tracts, and other abnormalities, then conduct a:

  • Periodontal exam to assess mobility, pocket depths, gingival recession, and furcation involvement;
  • Vitality exam to test cold and/or hot sensitivity and EPT;
  • Percussion or palpation sensitivity to determine if there is inflammation or infection;
  • Trans-illumination with a high-intensity light on a tooth under magnification;
  • Biting tests to evaluate for fractures, inflammation, infection, or trauma;

Radiographic exam:

We conduct a digital radiographic exam as well as a Cone Beam CT, when indicated. We look for abnormalities such as:

  • Alveolar bone loss
  • Radiolucencies or radiopacities
  • Widened periodontal ligament spaces
  • Loss of lamina dura
  • Periodontal defects
  • Sinus involvement
  • Vital structures (mandibular canal/mental foraman)
  • Fractures

Root canals:

  • Treating previously untreated root canals
  • Retreatment: Revising previously treated Root Canals
  • Post removal: When only removal of post is indicated
  • Apicoectomy: We resect the root end and place a retro-filling;
  • Root amputations, where we remove the root in order to save the tooth;
  • Resorptive repair, in which we fix the defects in the root, if possible;
  • Perforation repair, where we repair perforations on the tooth, if possible;
  • Hemisection, in which we section a posterior tooth into two.

Other services at Advanced Endodontics:

Cone Beam CT Scan

  • Conduct a CBCT scan, and when necessary, perform endodontic treatment
  • Conduct a CBCT scan only (50 mm x 37 mm area or stitched arch) You receive the entire scan on CD and a report from a certified oral radiologist.

Digital Panoramic Radiograph

  • Conduct a digital panoramic radiograph and receive the radiograph by your choice of CD, office email on file, or printed

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