Advanced Technology

Advanced Endodontics proactively and continuously invests in the most effective technologies to bring patients endodontic excellence. Dr. Brad Hirschman avidly reads and researches a wide variety of technological tools that will elicit advanced diagnostic and treatment results.

Arrange to take a tour with Dr. Brad at Advanced Endodontics’ Novi office to learn about the various advanced technologies that only a handful of endodontists have utilized. Dr. Brad always will warmly invite you to his family practice. To start, you also can take an online tour.

Cone Beam CT

cbct-machineAt Advanced Endodontics, we are believers that we can’t fix what we can’t see. So, we invested in powerful, 3-D Cone Beam CT (CBCT) for the highest resolution imaging to far better diagnose and treat patients. As one of Oakland County’s leaders offering the advanced technology of CBCT, we utilize this newer technology to serve your patients with excellence.

Cone Beam CT (Kodak 9000 3D system) opens up an incredible world of sight for far better patient diagnostic capabilities and endodontic services. We witness amazing anatomical detail and viewing capabilities with powerful, focused-field, high-res, 3D images at 76 microns and unprecedented x-ray views of the oral cavity.

The background pattern of overlapping roots and anatomic structures, such as the maxillary sinus and zygomatic buttress, complicates the interpretation of periapical radiographs. Through CBCT we can evaluate the true extent of lesions and their spatial relationship to important anatomic landmarks.

When we perform a consultation, if indicated we will perform a CBCT scan and provide treatment, when necessary. Our referring dentists receive a before-and-after periapical radiograph and a pre-op screen shot (via Cone Beam CT) of the area of interest using 3-D imaging software.

Advanced Endodontics will be pleased to work with you and your patients in one of two ways:

  • Conduct a CBCT scan, and when necessary, perform endodontic treatment
  • Conduct a CBCT scan only (you receive the entire scan on CD and a report from a certified oral radiologist).

With a a CBCT scan you can:

  • See lesions and situations not evident otherwise
  • View previously unseen anatomical detail to diagnose more accurately and treat with confidence
  • Locate previously unseen canals of a tooth and the source of an infection

Our Other Advanced Technology

 Digital x-rays – Advanced Endodontics introduced digital x-rays into our practice in 2000, as we can enlarge and manipulate images through changing contrast, highlighting, and even drawing on the screen to educate patients
  Zeiss microscopes – We value this type of microscope as it provides high magnification under fiberoptic light that reveals the detail of cracks, canals, etc.
 Ultrasonics – This technology enables us to help find hidden canals, remove posts, clean canals, and prepare roots for retro-fillings.
  Rotary nickel titanium files – We use this technology to provide far more efficient filing to maintain canal anatomy and to auger out debris.
  Intra-oral cameras – We like these tiny digital cameras as they fit comfortably into our patients’ mouths and transmit images via real-time video on a computer screen.

Advanced Endodontics also uses electronic charting, in which all patient charts and information are safely housed and maintained on our computer systems. Their information always is quickly at our fingertips and organized to access at a moment’s notice.