Our Expertise

Referring doctors know our years of experience and they appreciate referring their patients to Dr. Brad Hirschman and Advanced Endodontics.

Professional Relationships

Experience with Dr. Brad an easy and friendly working relationship with candid conversations and collaborations that result in well-served patients. For each of your patients, anticipate a detailed report with a diagnosis, prognosis, treatment(s) conducted, and the out-of-the-ordinary findings needing discussion. When Cone Beam CT is indicated, you will receive scans and detailed findings. As you are busy, Dr. Brad will contact you only as needed.

Our knowledgeable and helpful staff works in concert with your staff to acquire your patients’ information, x-rays, and any other relevant information. Periodically, meet with Dr. Brad for a mutual opportunity to discuss the latest processes and technology and to better get to know one another as well as to understand how each serves patients.

Our Advanced Technology

Recognized for our advanced technology, Advanced Endodontics strategically utilizes these tools to serve patients with excellence. Investing in and actively utilizing phenomenal Cone Beam CT (CBCT) to clearly understand each patient’s oral situation and aid in the best treatment plan, referring dentists often come to our offices to learn about CBCT and observe the extraordinary scans and detail that they bring to light.

Additional technologies that we utilize in patient care include digital x-rays, Zeiss surgical operating microscopes with fiberoptic illumination and high powered magnification, ultrasonics, rotary nickel titanium files, Intra-oral cameras, and the ability to videotape parts of procedures. Further, we maintain electronic patient charting for highly organized and accurate patient records.

Contact Dr. Brad and Advanced Endodontics at (248) 668-9103 or at [email protected].