Advanced Endodontics utilizes a variety of tools, instruments, materials and irrigating solutions in the practice of endodontics that include:


  • Dexis Intra-Oral Digital X-ray
  • Kodak (Carestream) 9000 3D CBCT
  • Amadent Electric Pulp Tester (EPT)
  • Zeiss OPMI PICO Microscopes
  • Vista Blue Dye, Single Use Dose, Methylene Blue .10 ml


  • Premier RC Prep Syringe
  • Sybron Endo Slick Gel es
  • J Morita Root ZX
  • Specialized Endo Orifice Openers
  • Specialized Endo Pre-Shaper Rotary Nickel Titanium Files
  • Dentply/Tulsa Vortex Rotary Nickel Titanium Files
  • Dentply/Tulsa Wave One Reciprocating Files
  • Satelec P5 Ultrasonic Unit
  • Satelec Irrisafe Ultrasonic File
  • Vista Sodium Hypochlorite 6%
  • Vista EDTA 17%
  • Dentply/Tulsa QMix 2 in 1
  • Ultradent Ultracal XS Calcium Hydroxide
  • Miltex and Diadent Gutta Percha Points
  • Brasseler Endosequence BC Sealer
  • Dentply AH Plus Jet Sealer
  • Sybron Dental System B
  • Discus Dental Hot Shot
  • 3M ESPE Cavit Temporary Filling Material


  • Dentsply ProRoot MTA (white)
  • Super EBA, Bosworth
  • Pascal Racellet Pellets